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Map Pads are 11x17 or larger Tear Off Maps, printed on uncoated paper so travelers can easily make notes on them. Distribute them to all your area lodging, dining, and shopping locations and convenience stores. Travelers love these because they provide direct immediate information that usually is not available elsewhere. Local workers love them and use them because they make giving directions fast and easy!

Our map programs are very popular. These are provided on tear off pads of 11x17 or larger, on uncoated paper so you can easily write on them. These maps are distributed to local restaurants, hotels, convenience stores, etc. and are in much demand by travelers . . . its a great way to give someone clear direction!


Our advertising program can make your map pads self-funding . . . we offer business card size ads for around $250 - $300, and a dozen or so ads can fund the project.


This is a great way to give us a try with little commitment in terms of budget expenditure.


Give us a call to discuss further at 276-228-7092.

PO Box 982 • Wytheville, VA 24382